Sunday, October 3, 2010

I must apologize to any potential readers out there. Lately, my blog postings have been sporadic, at best. I think it is because I allow myself to get caught up in the tangle of everyday life. And that can be quite a mess. But that's life for you.

I've been doing a lot of soul searching within the last month. I find it odd that the more I feel as if I've got a grip on life the more I find myself thinking about it. The more I question the belief system(s) I cling onto. Whether that be religion, faith, (I view the last two as COMPLETELY separate), morality, relationships, friendships, etc. Anything and everything. I don't view this questioning as a lack of my personal definition as an individual. I don't think that because I'm always searching I lack some sort of qualities that make someone a firm believer in their life choices. Instead, I think it represents fluidity. A lack of dogmatism. I don't want to grow up to be the type of person who is so set in my ways that I shut myself off completely to new ideas and growth. Although that person may feel as if they have it 'figured out,' I think they have simply found their own comfort levels and do not desire to push any further.

I'm not saying contentment with your own personal set of beliefs is wrong. On the contrary, actually. If you stand for something, continue to do so. But don't be so reliant on what others do or think. I believe that too many people nowadays are closed off to anything but what they have accepted to be true. People are too scared to see that maybe there is more than one answer...maybe what works for someone, will not work for another. Many religions claim they have THE answer, and maybe they do. All I'm trying to say here is: just as readily as they might have the answer...they might not. We accept things on faith as true, so all I'm pointing out is that you cannot say you are factually correct and in the right when you are accepting something off the basis of faith. That's the key word: faith. Some things can't be proven, and although that doesn't mean they aren't true, I would hope that would encourage people to stop beating down other belief systems and ways of life. I am growing weary of the divisive (and frequently violent) nature of humanity. If history tells us anything, this division is nothing new. But when has it ever been necessary? Why can't we simply be content with what we believe in, and not have to fight over it with others?

I think the answer to that is fear. People are driven by fear. People are scared of others who are quite unlike themselves. And this fear drives us to be divided, frightened, and even hateful. But we can overcome it. Even if just one person at a time.

I guess the whole point of this rant is for me to encourage others who agree to be open-minded. Being firm with what you believe and being open-minded do not have to be at odds. Accept others, and they will accept you. If you disagree with everything I say, that's not a problem. Doesn't mean you're right. But just because I have an opinion that I'm writing about doesn't mean I am right either. Don't be so hasty to look to others for your own answers. Life is an individual journey....we have lots of help and interactions along the way, but you truly have to find what you believe for yourself.

I firmly believe that in the end, love will always conquer hate. So show some love. This world needs it.


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