Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ahhhh Thursday.

Don't have much to say right now (I think), but I just felt like blogging a bit.

I feel like I've been kind of distant from reality for a while. I've become obsessed with my music, both my band's and my own, and I find myself behind the guitar or piano for hours at a time. I'm glad my passion has been rekindled, because I know it is an area of life that I've been incredibly blessed in. I've worked hard to become an "above average" musician, and I feel ready to tackle the challenge of taking it to the next level. Everybody has potential to do great things in this world. It's true. I promise. Sometimes we just don't fulfill that potential. Well, I feel like music is the area where I've been given a chance to step outside the box and rise to the occasion. And I plan on doing just that.

At younger ages, such as in middle school and high school, any young musician dreams of 'making it big' or becoming famous. And rightfully so in my opinion. I consider myself a dreamer. I feel like if I wasn't, I'd be overcome by the to-the-point culture of the world today. And what I mean by that is, people don't encourage that kind of dreaming anymore. The world tells you there is a formula: high school, college, graduate school for some, and then career. I think this formula is a double-edged sword. From a musician's point of view, I can obviously see the benefits of an education. I don't want to gamble the rest of my life away by not going to school. At the same time though, take a look at how many 'undecided' majors there are out there. I feel like it's because people are rushed. People are pushed down a road and they don't know where they fit in. As important as this system is, it contributes to unhappiness. It forces people towards things they aren't interested in, and careers they don't want. Sure, they might be financially stable one day, but will they be happy?

Which brings me back to my predicament. I know music will always be a HUGE part of my life. It makes me more happy than anything I've ever experienced. I won't let that feeling escape me. I'm a talented guitarist, but does that mean I'm meant for fame or a career in music? Not necessarily. But my desire for music DOES mean it will always be more than just a hobby. So I'm going to take it one step at a time. I'm working on a degree, and I'm going to be grateful that I put forth the effort. But I promise you this now: I will never stop with my passion for music. And that's how I know it will always be a big part of my life. Doesn't matter what capacity it is in.

Don't stop dreaming. The world is a battleground between realists and those who care to dream. Don't lose sight of life, but don't ever get caught up in the routine. We are here for such a short time, there's no reason to spend it doing anything else than what makes you happy.

Sorry, longer than I thought.


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