Monday, January 4, 2010

So We Begin....

Alright. So a good friend of mine encouraged me to start my own blog after I consistently read hers for some good food for thought (don't worry, im still gonna read it!). Blogging brings me back to younger Jonathan and company's obsession with Xanga 5 or 6 years back. We would update with funny and albeit entertaining posts, but after reflecting on some of these posts, I guess I realized they lacked any true 'thoughts' on life. For the most part. So I'm going to try to remedy that with this blog, but also throw in some humor when it is necessary. Very few people will probably actually read this, so I'm probably speaking to an empty room. I envision it as a relatively large lecture hall with only 3 or 4 people sitting in on the lecture. But I digress...

Since we are just delving into 2010, I guess I'll start by talking about the significance of a new year. 2010. wow. In my opinion, we put too much significance on new years in relation to our problems. I mean, yes it is a symbolic new start, a fresh slate...but if something bad happens in the early hours/days/months of 2010, does that jeopardize the quality of the year? Well, it shouldn't. I've already had some stupid memories of 2010 and I only had four days to do it, but you know, I'm gonna be optimistic. This year is gonna be great, and I enjoy an outlook that focuses on a day-to-day basis. You can't control yesterday's mistakes, and you shouldn't take too much time worrying about the future. So I won't. I'm gonna do what I can to make every day better than the day before. And for those rough days that can't be salvaged, I'm gonna try my hardest to remember that tomorrow is a NEW day, free from the problems of the past. We can make it what we want. After a emotional roller coaster of an end to 2009, I decided to live my life the way I was meant to live it. Some people may disagree with my methods or style, and that's okay. We all have our own ways of living, and they all should be equally respected (or at least accepted). I'm an optimistic person, and I'm gonna keep using my qualities as a people person to help as many people as I can. If my ways are unorthodox, too bad. I'm one person in a world of billions; every one is different, every one is unique. Sometimes that seems hard to believe, but if you analyzed every little complexity of every human being I think it would become very apparent that it's true.

Ahh the power of rants. They are good for getting stuff out of the system, even if it's random gibberish. Looking forward to this week. Hopefully a decent movie night tomorrow, and then who knows what else is in store for me.

Finished a new song today. I love finishing songs. The more I write, sing, and play, the more I fall in love with life. And that's how I know that even when life is chaotic and falls apart, I must be doing something right. Because I am happy. Not every single moment, but I'm happy with life. And I know I will continue to be.

Here's to you, 2010. Let's rock the house.


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