Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Subconscious Fear.

Ever woken up from a dream scared? I'm not talking about a nightmare, I'm just talking about a dream that scares you. Your conscious mind buries things that you don't want to think about...but you can only hide from these thoughts for so long. Sometimes they resurface in the subconscious when you are asleep. I've always found that symbolic. No matter what we use as an escape: drugs, partying, sex, whatever. These things only allow 'freedom' for so long; they will fail you miserably in the long run. We weren't created to run from our problems, but to face them. We all learn that the hard way at some point in life. I thought myself to be an exceptionally strong person, but I was taught a lesson in humility. I went through a rough patch. But you know, now I AM stronger. Our experiences do make us who we are, for better or for worse. Sometimes you've got to fall so that you can get back up and run the race like you were meant to. My word of choice for describing humanity is probably fallible. It's okay to fall short. It's okay to make mistakes. We aren't perfect. But it's not okay to give up. To quit running the race. To be overcome by your struggles. Your will to press on and fight the good fight is what makes you strong, not the fact that you have a perfect track record. Because nobody does. Simple as that.

I want to be somebody who can inspire. I want to be somebody who can truly show people that mistakes are okay. It's that determination to grow, be stronger, and gain maturity that distinguishes us from failure.

And now a quote from the nerdier side of life...

"Do or do not...There is no try."


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